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  • Udyam wishes all its patrons, volunteers and members a very very joyous 2017! Our ability to give, and take, need not have economic barriers; our desire for a conversation need not depend on our accent; our laughter need not be in the same language; and our ability to learn from each other need not depend on age. Wishing you all a year of joy ahead.

  • Merry Xmas to everyone ! May the world be a kinder, more compassionate place this year and beyond. Udyam would also like to thank all its patrons and volunteers for their continuous support through the year. It really means a lot !

  • Discovering the DISCOVERY Channel 🙂 There is nothing so great or inimitable about watching Discovery channel or Animal Planet but once you put these into the context of ladies who have never moved beyond an Ekta Kapoor serial or probably more drama in their real life. One fine day, Bahugana, one of our lady members, shared that she watched Discovery Channel and found the programme so informative and interesting that she watched it for 2 straight hours. There are a lot of surprising things in here - for our members to take out 2 hours and watch something she likes on the TV is an exception. For her to watch and give preference to Discovery Channel, which even the educated amongst us wouldn’t turn on over something more dramatic and spicy, is remarkable. We read out news to our members every day to kindle their sense of the world and give them a sense to the context we belong in outside the peripheries of their world. We don’t know and can’t proclaim that this would continue with Bahugana as a sustained interest and that others would pick it up but what makes us really happy is that we are able to create that ripple in unsuspecting waters. That’s the real mission with which we set up the organisation.